Van Moer Logistics Transport Logistic Munich 2017

Van Moer Logistics will be attending the Transport Logistic Munich fair 2017.

Friday the fourteenth of October will be remembered as the day that the eighteen year old Brent Van Moer showed the world what he was made of.

Van Moer Logistics Terminal Vilvoorde

Waterwegen en Zeekanaal have finalised the agreement between the intercommunals Haviland, Ecowerf and partner Indaver to transport waste over water.

Mermans - Van Houdt

By the end of June the transaction between Van Moer Logistics and fellow transport company Mermans - Van Houdt should be completed.

Tom Van Gorp - Van Moer Logistics

Nieuw in dienst als vrachtwagenchauffeur bij Van Moer Logistics, doet Tom Van Gorp zijn verhaal.

This one time election was the highlight of the ceremony of the Transport & Logistics Awards. Noël Essers was chosen as Transport Personality of the past quarter - century, congratulations!

Van Moer Logistics - Jo Van Moer

For the 25st birthday of 'Transporter of the Year', Transportmedia decided to select a Transport personality of the past quarter-century.

A deal was made with the Antwerp consolidation company Ecu Worldwide, part of the Indian Avvashya Group. Ecu will move its activities from their current warehouse at Luithagen to the new development of Van Moer Logistics near the Liefkenshoektunnel and Deurganckdok.

An interview with CCO Dennie Lockefeer on Radio 1 Wednesday 30 November 2016 discussing the impact of the road congestion on the transport sector and how Van Moer Logistics integrates intermodal transport as an alternative way of transportation.