Grand opening nighthub Arendonk

In cooperation with the Flemish government and Port of Antwerp, the activities at Arendonk has been officially started. Committed to decrease the congestion for all maritime cargo traffic by consolidating containers outside the congestion perimeter and shuttle them to Antwerp at night.

For all container and trailer flows

The nighthub will serve containers and trailers that need to be shuttled to the Antwerp terminals or surrounding warehouse facilities with a 24/5′ service.
This will be the consolidation point for maritime flows to avoid traffic and long waiting lines at the terminals during daytime.
At night these goods will be shipped by Van Moer or other transporters to their final destination within the port.
Ideal for flows from Eindhoven, Krefeld, Duisburg, Mönchengladbach… all along route E34.

Initiative to guarantee the accessibility of the Port of Antwerp

Jo Van Moer: “This initiative meets the advantages of night transport when it comes to avoiding congestion and contributes to the decrease of traffic flows during daytime peeks. Which is beneficiary for other cargo traffics but also for passenger transport.”

Evolving to serve all main roads

The first location at Arendonk was chosen by the acquisition of transporter Mermans-Van Houdt during the summer of 2017.
The ultimate goal is to serve all main roads with this initiative, so that every cargo owner can utilise an alternative way of transportation to Antwerp.
By the guarantee that all container closings will be reached on time, it’s possible for the transporter to put his own fleet on point to reach operational excellence.


For more information about the nighthub at Arendonk:

+32 492 15 27 57