420 Trucks
800 Tautliners
130k Km per day
120K Ton per day

National and international

A fleet of 240 trucks transports a variety of cargo over 90,000 km per day in several areas of Europe. Van Moer’s transport division is based in the Antwerp port area and takes care of local, national and international transports.

Container and general

Van Moer provides a range of services to various sectors, and the variety in both trucks and trailers offers a wealth of possibilities. This translates into the transport of conventional cargo with curtain-side trailers and transporting containers over short, medium as well as long distances. On top of that, we are specialised in ground-level container handling and we own several inland container terminals in the Brussels region (Vilvoorde), which we use as a temporary storage location for containers.


Within Van Moer’s Transport division, we also see to various exceptional transports on a daily basis, for which we have the necessary licenses and specialised equipment. For these transports we work with specific project loads, construction equipment and off-shore equipment, customised machinery etc.

Retail distribution

Van Moer’s distribution division owns 100 vehicles that distribute goods for supermarkets in Belgium and Luxemburg. In most cases, these transports are done with tautliners owned by the customer, but where necessary, our own resources can also be used. Our added value? Perfectly maintained materials and guaranteeing a top-notch service through our employees’ expertise. And just like our economy, this department is active 24 hours a day, almost 6 days a week.


We have set up partnerships with many intermodal operators to transport dry bulk in various container types. We can use a tilting container chassis for 30’ and 40’ containers for products such as plastic granulates or powders and we can move liquids in ISO tank containers. Apart from food, raw and processed materials, we also organise the transport of hazardous and non-hazardous chemicals.


Two inland terminals facilitate intermodal transport by barge and road. A railway connection to our warehouse in the port allows us to receive and ship significant volumes by rail. With Van Moer Stevedoring we provide daily transport by barge between the inland terminal in the Brussels region and the ports of Antwerp and Rotterdam. Van Moer is thus working towards a future in which we actively boost the modal shift through inland waterways and rail, and where electrical trucks will be engaged for short transport tasks, the so-called ‘last mile’. In consultation with our customers, where possible, we will always opt for these multi-modal alternatives.

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