Welcome Transant – Weemaes!

To start the new year with good news, we'd like to welcome Transant-Weemaes to our family. As from the 2nd of January, this local carrier from Vrasene will be member of Van Moer Logistics.

Founded in 1992 by owner Patrick Anthonissen and specialised in container transport within the port of Antwerp.
Weemaes Transport is a well-know local carrier that concentrates on ADR and paper transports with Joloda trailers.
Counting 15 vehicles, Transant – Weemaes is not a very big company, but certainly is a charming one.

The personnel of Transant – Weemaes will be welcomed next Saturday at the headquarters of Van Moer Logistics.
Jo Van Moer: “Patrick and I were talking for a long time, but last week the transaction took off.”


The synergie lies within the chemicals. There are a variety of interfaces, but the ADR licensed drivers were the most obvious ones.

More than 50% of the Weemaes activities are accounted for tank transport within the port of Antwerp, and Van Moer Logistics is coping with a lack of ADR drivers.
Making Transant Weemaes the perfect addition to the Van Moer Logistics portfolio.