1.200 Employees
23 Locations
400k m² Warehouse

Tailor-made logistics services

Over the past years we’ve been communicating a lot with our customers, including Delhaize, Umicore, BASF, Volvo and Total. We try to listen to their needs in order to find out the weaknesses in their processes. For example, which methods do they use to move goods from point A to point B? How do they transport, store and clean them? Etc.

So, what can Van Moer do to prevent or get rid of those weaknesses? We always look at the process as a whole, and only then do we come up with complete, tailor-made concepts to improve our customers’ logistics. Those concepts are the key to our strengths and added value.

130M € Turnover
120k Ton per week in & out
400k m² Warehouse
25k Container closings per month


"Committed to creating value
through our partnership in logistics"

Our DNA...


What you see is what you get. We are driven by common sense. Our horizontal and open organisational structure encourages a down-to-earth approach.


We like to think out of the box. We offer a broad range of solutions, always looking for the best fit for each customer. We listen to our customers’ needs and act accordingly. We are always available for our partners, 24/7.


Our goal is to build a long-term and sustainable partnership with all our customers, based on trust. Our partnerships are built upon mutual respect and transparency, aiming for a win-win.

Making the difference

We never give up. When others walk away, we just battle on. We like to approach things differently. We keep investing in talent and opportunities to go further and take our partners to new levels.


Enthusiasm is contagious and our enthusiastic employees are our best ambassadors. Our employees take initiative and make things happen. Only a positive spirit will get us where we want to go.

Corporate Governance

We operate with integrity and accountability

To Van Moer, corporate governance means to operate with integrity and accountability, without losing respect for rules and legislation. We always do business in an open, transparent and constructive manner, with a focus on professionalism. We fulfil our commitments and obligations, show great loyalty to our shareholders and consider it of the utmost importance to have external directors in our Board of Directors.

At Van Moer, we take unconditional account of the environment. We value every opinion, have a high regard for all different cultures and condemn every form of discrimination. Recognising the importance of good corporate governance, the board of directors of Van Moer sets high standards for its employees, officers and directors.

For more information, turn to our Policy Statement, Privacy Statement and CSR policy.

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Our offices


Keetberglaan – Haven 1054
2070 Zwijndrecht

P: +32 3 254 09 09


Kruipin – Haven 1147
9130 Kallo

P: +32 3 570 01 05


Hazopweg – Haven 1167
9130 Kallo

P: +32 3 253 41 16


Kruipin – Haven 1143
9130 Kallo

P: +32 3 254 09 09


Haven 1793
9130 Kallo – Belgium

P: +32 3 253 41 29


Oude dijk – Haven 1994
9130 Kallo

P: +32 3 253 41 24


Isidoor Crokaertstraat 25
1731 Zellik

P: +32 2 466 93 80


Havendoklaan 16
1800 Vilvoorde

P: +32 2 757 12 65


Industrieweg 36
2280 Grobbendonk

P: +32 14 27 03 51


Hoge Mauw 640
2370 Arendonk

P: +32 4 921 527 57

Mermans – Van Houdt

Kelderbeemd 6
2470 Retie

P: +32 1 437 74 73


Zandvoort 2 – Haven 400
2030 Antwerpen

P: +32 4 705 915 82
W: www.ato-antwerp.com

KVG – Trans

Koningin Astridlaan 29
2870 Breendonk

P: +32 3 755 86 01
W: www.kvgtrans.be


Bredabaan 99
2170 Antwerpen – Merksem

P: +32 3 253 41 18
W: www.ibarge.be

iOn Logistics

Industriepark West 75
9100 Sint-Niklaas

P: +32 473 50 04 28
W: www.ionlogistics.eu


Ithaca 200 st
087015 Bolintin Deal

P: +40 7 256 067 34


Strada Ștefan cel Mare 154
550316 Sibiu

P: +40 7 443 498 77


Calea Aviatorilor 4, VGP Park
307200 Ghiroda

P: +40 2 356 100 809

Certifications & awards

What we are proud of

Truckveilig 2017

The Truckveilig charter supports companies, governments, organizations and truck drivers who are committed to create a safer traffic environment.

We are proud to announce that the minister for Mobility, Ben Weyts,  has granted us this certificate for our efforts concerning 2017.


RecyTyre approved 2018

For our efforts in 2017 concerning the recycling of used tyres, we were awarded with this approved label!
All tyres are processed and dismantled into 3 raw materials (granulates, steel and linen). These materials are used for new applications, which gives them a second life.
This way the tyre is completely handled (durable and 100% eco-friendly) and used in new products.


Supply Chain Award - Project of the Year 2015

Supply Chain Award – Project of the Year 2015

Together with our partner Umicore, we were elected as finalist for the Supply Chain Award Project of the Year 2015, rewarding our project ‘Modal shift from road to water transportation of Umicore’s raw materials containerflow’.