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Mermans – Van Houdt is a family owned company specialised in the transport of construction materials, exceptional transport, containers, general cargo and courier services.
The past few years the company expanded it’s fleet up to 60 trucks and 120 trailers, with a geographical focus on Benelux, France and Germany.

Synergie with Van Moer Logistics

The owner, Marc Mermans, did not have any successor for his company, which was the reason behind the decision to put his company up for sale.
There is a large amount of complementarity between the two organisations, including the focus on construction materials and exceptional transport.

Avoiding congestion

The fact that Mermans – Van Houdt is located at Retie, between Antwerp and Eindhoven, made the acquisition meaningful.
Located close to the border of The Netherlands, makes it an excellent operating base that is less subject to the road congestion, and the area is less known for it’s shortage of truck drivers in contrast to Antwerp.
This addittion to the portfolio proves that Van Moer Logistics is not only investing in intermodal transport, but also continues to add value tot the convential way of transportation.