We have just completed the acquisition of NDB Logistics, meaning that we increase our transport fleet from 440 to 500 trucks.

The Antwerp transport company NDB Logistics has 60 trucks, 320 container chassis and a 44,000 m2 depot in Luithagen, Schouwkensstraat.
NDB Logistics is mainly specialized in the transport of ADR box containers and generated a turnover of EUR 6.8 million in 2020.

Scale size

“NDB Logistics, our container transport division, has 60 trucks and 320 chassis. Today it is doing well, but in the future, scale will be indispensable to work efficiently. Offering multimodal solutions will also become a must. That is why we think it would be better for customers and staff to place this branch in a larger group such as Van Moer Logistics ”, says Marc Van den Broeck, chairman of the board of the Trafuco Group.
“This way we can concentrate on the further development of Trafuco's core activities. These are tank transport and covered transport for the chemicals, oils and waste sectors, bunkering sea-going vessels and training in transport. In the near future we also foresee new investments in these three niches ”.

Synergies Van Moer Logistics

Thanks to the takeover we establish our first transport depot on the Antwerp right bank, creating additional synergies for both transport fleets.

Jo Van Moer: “With the acquisition of NDB Logistics, we are optimally responding to the advantages of scale, whereby we can also use these trucks more efficiently thanks to the combination and reuse of the box containers. The share of ADR drivers within our group will also strongly increase as a result, allowing us to further expand our services for the chemical sector. ”