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Excessive noise

Jo Van Moer is well aware of the current noise problems surrounding the inland terminal in Grobbendonk. He will therefore communicate honestly and openly and consult with the local community on further plans and measures. In consultation with the authorities involved, an action plan is drawn up and funds are made available to make the necessary adjustments.

Jo Van Moer: “We certainly do not take this lightly and want to take into account the concerns of the local community. The water-bound activities will only be restarted once we have made the necessary adjustments to be able to unload and load ships within the applicable regulations and standards. “


Van Moer Logistics acquires the shares of DP World (80%) and of the Antwerp Port Authority (20%) and thus becomes the sole shareholder of Antwerp East NV.Van Moer Logistics has ambitious plans for the terminal and will invest sustainably in its further development from the outset.

Jo Van Moer: “With this acquisition we want to actively shape the future development of the terminal. Thanks to the proximity of various goods flows in Flanders, Antwerp East has a strategic location with a link to the port of Antwerp and Rotterdam. With this we want to offer our customers an extra service in the field of intermodal transport. We strongly believe in the modal shift and its importance for future generations. “

Martin Neese, Managing Director DP World Inland: “In Van Moer Logistics we have found the right party with the right knowledge and experience to further optimize the terminal’s assets. The complete takeover by Van Moer Logistics guarantees a constant investment and permanent service of the terminal. In this way, the inland terminal will provide lasting added value for the regional economy and community.”


In addition to terminal activities, iBarge, a subsidiary of Van Moer Logistics, also operates its own barges. Currently there are five barges and four pushbarges operational. A sixth barge is currently under construction. This barge will be names as Denford and will be operational by the end of 2019. The barge is named after the recently deceased Dennie Lockefeer, director of Van Moer Logistics.

This also makes the new collaboration with Liege Container Terminal (LCT) in Liege a fact and thanks to the expansion of the fleet, an extra Liege-Antwerp line will soon be offered via the Albert Canal, with Grobbendonk as a stopover.

Jo Van Moer: “The combination of our own terminal, barge and road transport activities within the group makes us flexible and unique within the sector. In this way we ensure that we can offer an intermodal solution tailored to the customer.”