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Residents in need

During the first corona crisis, the residents of residential care and therapeutic centers (WZC and TC) had a very hard time. AAP vzw, an organization that brings people and animals closer together, has found a solution. As part of its Aamaai project, this organization sends professionally trained AAI teams (accompanied by a dog or cat) to these centers.

The centers look for sponsors to pay for the training costs. A wonderful initiative that Van Moer Logistics fully supports. That is why we will fund 15 AAI teams in our region over the next 12 months.

AAI teams

The visit of an AAI team is a pure win-win situation because a pet also literally moves people, which has a beneficial effect on the physical and mental well-being of the residents of the centers. In addition, the animals receive extra loving hugs and a lot of attention in this way.


For the training of the AAI teams, AAP vzw works together with psychotherapists and the Expertise Center for Dementia Flanders. Furthermore, the pets are extensively screened and they have the right character to make the residents happier.

Finally, AAP organizes three return days every year, during which AAI teams receive new experiences and new insights. Supplemented with shop floor visits, where the AAI teams receive personal guidance.

After all, using animals in the therapeutic operation of a center requires customization. That is why AAP always validates the wishes and expectations of each center in advance. Based on that information, they examine whether and how the AAI teams can deliver added value. This way the centers are sure of the best result.

And these efforts yield excellent results, but also come with a considerable price tag, and for a residential care facility that amount is often not easy for the taking.

AAP vzw and Van Moer Logistics

Jo Van Moer: “My father is still busy taking care of his horse every day. And it is there that for the first time I experienced the beneficial effect of the company of animals. Thanks to the presence of his loyal friend, my father remains an active and happy person. And that is something that we must be able to achieve for more elderly people.

The corona crisis hits our elderly very hard, the isolation unfortunately takes its toll, so we decided to support AAP vzw in their noble mission with the sponsorship of 15 AAI teams. ”

Credit photos: Jo Pauwels and Maité Thijssen

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