Tom Bamelis en Jo Van Moer


In 2021, Ackermans & van Haaren acquired a 21.7% stake in Van Moer Logistics. Led by CEO Jo Van Moer and his management team, Van Moer Logistics has grown strongly in recent years.

In 2023, consolidated sales reached 327 million euros (2021: 222 million euros) and EBITDA rose to 32.8 million euros (2021: 14.5 million euros). This evolution reflects the successful application of Van Moer's one-stop shop model, which not only leads to greater efficiency for customers, but also generates significant gains in terms of sustainability.

Growth was also supported by a number of acquisitions in 2022, with Group Van Loon and Broekman Logistics Belgium Antwerp being the main ones. Both acquisitions are located in the Antwerp Port area and have since been successfully integrated into Van Moer Logistics. In 2023, Van Moer Logistics obtained the extension of its concession in the Port of Brussels, where it eventually plans to build a total logistics hub of 100,000 m².


Despite the deteriorating economy since the second half of 2023, Van Moer Logistics has ambitious plans to continue its growth. To finance this, AvH Growth Capital and the founding couple Jo Van Moer - Anne Verstraeten have jointly implemented a capital increase totalling 25 million euros. AvH Growth Capital's stake in Van Moer Logistics increased to 32.4% after this operation.

Simultaneously with this capital increase, AvH Growth Capital acquired 33.3% in the capital of Blue Real Estate. This company, founded in 2020 by the Van Moer and Van Wellen families, currently leases 287,000 m² of warehouses spread over strategically located sites in the Antwerp Port area to Van Moer Logistics. With this, AvH is additionally investing some 41 million euros in Van Moer Logistics.

Tom Bamelis, member of the executive committee of AvH: "We are delighted to expand our successful investment in Van Moer. The capital increase in Van Moer Logistics will allow the entrepreneurship of Jo Van Moer and his team to be converted into new investments. Moreover, AvH will now participate in a proportionate manner in properties operated by Van Moer Logistics. We appreciate the opening made for us by the Van Wellen and Van Moer families and look forward to a new long-term partnership."

Jo Van Moer, CEO of Van Moer Logistics: "The partnership with AvH has been a real added value for Van Moer Logistics since the beginning. We are therefore very grateful to AvH for its willingness to further support our ambitious growth plans and look forward to realising them together. The fact that the cooperation with AvH will be extended by a participation in the real estate operated by Van Moer Logistics strengthens our conviction that we will also be able to continue our growth in the future."

Louis Van Wellen, managing director Van Wellen Group: "For 25 years, the Van Wellen families have been focused on their core business of developing and leasing residential and logistics real estate. We fully support AvH's entry into the property, which ensures a long-term anchorage and partnership with the user Van Moer Logistics. Through AvH's entry into real estate, we can continue to build on the growth of the real estate portfolio."