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2.500 coffees, but especially 2.500 times THANKS!

Van Moer Logistics hands out 2.500 coffees for 'Day of the truck driver'.

Today the national 'Day of the truck driver' is celebrated. In this way the sector wants to put the profession of truck driver in a positive light. Reason enough for Antwerp Port Alderman Annick De Ridder to pay a visit to one of the many companies supporting the initiative. She paid a visit to logistics company Van Moer Logistics, which is distributing 2,500 coffees to all truck drivers today.

Today, the national 'Day of the Truck Driver' is celebrated, an initiative of Febetra where all truck drivers are put in the spotlights. Together with numerous enthusiastic partners, several actions are organised to give the truck drivers the extra recognition they deserve.

That is why Van Moer Logistics is handing out 2.500 thermoses with coffee and waffles to all truck drivers who register at one of their 17 participating locations in Antwerp, Ghent or Brussels.

In addition, the drivers will also receive a flyer with a QR code on which a personal video message will appear from Jo Van Moer, owner and CEO of Van Moer Logistics. They will also receive a Christmas ball containing a scratch card with a unique code. With this code the drivers have a chance to win beautiful prizes such as an iPhone, a bluetooth speaker set or a night in a hotel.

Jo Van Moer: "The job of truck driver is not getting any easier, the traffic jams and the high work pressure require more and more efforts from our employees. Yet there are still drivers who defy these challenges every day with an enormous passion for the job. And that is why we want to personally thank each and every driver today for their dedication. It is partly thanks to them that our economy keeps running."

At the head office they expect about 600 drivers today, and that also caught the attention of the Antwerp Port Alderman, Annick De Ridder. She visited the coffee stand of Van Moer Logistics in Zwijndrecht this morning.

Port alderman Annick De Ridder: "This day dedicated to our truck drivers is a rightful token of appreciation for them. I am only too happy to roll up my sleeves and provide our drivers with a nice hot coffee. After all, we should not forget how these people ensured and still ensure the supply of our country during the corona crisis, in often difficult circumstances."

The initiative will be continued tomorrow where drivers who are interested in a job at Van Moer Logistics will be treated to a packet of chips while they can have a friendly conversation with the transport planners and driver coordinators of Van Moer Logistics.

Jo Van Moer: "We are also still looking for new colleagues, we want to give them the opportunity to get to know our company and our people better in an informal way. When drivers consider to come and work for us, we want them to be sufficiently informed about our culture and working methods so that they can start their new job with confidence."