Ecovadis is an independent platform, spread across 150 sectors and 110 countries, that assesses organisations on their initiatives to work sustainably. Based on this analysis, Ecovadis gives the company a 'sustainability score'.

Two operational divisions of Van Moer Logistics renewed their Ecovadis scores at the beginning of this year. The bulk and tank container division obtained a golden score (73/100) and the transport division obtained a silver score (64/100). Last year, our intermodal division also received a golden score (66/100).

Last year, the bulk and tank container division in Zwijndrecht invested over 2.8 million euros in the renovation of their cleaning tracks. They made use of the most recent technologies that improved both performance and consumption.

In addition, our transport department introduced the first dual-fuel hydrogen truck at the end of last year. Today, 10 percent of the fleet runs on natural gas and the remaining trucks run on the most recent and economical euro 6 engines. Our transport department continuously invests in the planning system in order to avoid as many empty kilometres as possible, and the drivers also receive personal coaching in order to drive economically and safely.

The nice scores are a welcome recognition of our efforts to do business in a socially responsible way, and give us extra motivation to continue investing in a sustainable logistics chain.

Curious about our initiatives? Then be sure to take a look at our sustainability report.

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