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Luc Haesaerts was looking for a new location to direct his operations.
The main roads at Breendonk were getting too congested and the installations became out of date.

From Breendonk to Zwijndrecht

Luc Haeaserts: “The opportunity to rent office space in the headquarters of Van Moer Logistics came along and we decided to take the leap and settle our business close by the Antwerp Port.
Chemicals run through our blood so we wanted to be near the chemical clusters that developed in Antwerp over the years.”

Cluster approach

Jo Van Moer: “We saw a lot of potential in this cluster approach. Haesaerts intermodal utilises our services such as repair, cleaning and heating and they organize their equipment out of our depot.
They utilize the former offices of our forwarding department, which has moved a few months ago to our offices at quay 1793.
It’s nice to have some additional vibes on the first floor again. I hope we can build an even stronger partnership out of this in the future."