The constant efforts of the safety department has led to the successful achievement of the ISO 45001 safety certification. The group sets a clear safety strategy with concrete objectives.

“Well-being and safety are at the top of our agenda, our employees feel closely involved in the safety strategy thanks to the help of our safety mascot “Safety Jack””, says QESSH manager Koen Cleemput.

The safety mascot was introduced in 2018 and is actively used to create more safety awareness. There are also close cooperations with external organizations to further guarantee safety. Together with CEPA (Prevention Service of the Port of Antwerp), the new safety culture was implemented in the workplace. “Thanks to this collaboration, we are already seeing a significant decrease in the frequency and extent of work related accidents”, according to Koen Cleemput.


The quality level of the service is also daily monitored with the help of KPI’s (key performance indicators), which are evaluated and communicated on a structural basis. The group sees a significant improvement in performance and follow-up.

“Our quality level is one of the most important aspects where we can distinguish ourselves from our peers. It is therefore of great importance that there is a critical focus within the group on measuring and evaluating these parameters. This way we can respond proactively and continuously improve so that we can build a stable partnership with our customers.”, according to Jonas Fiers, Quality Manager.


The logistics group in Antwerp is also making intensive efforts for the environment. By managing 2 inland terminals and a container terminal in the port of Antwerp, the group invests in intermodal transport via inland shipping, also operating own inland vessels with the joint venture WeBarge.

Ecological alternatives are also being considered within the truck fleet. Drivers are coached on ecological and safe driving behavior, but the trucks themselves are also gradually undergoing a transformation. The first order of 20 LNG trucks has been placed and will join the fleet at the beginning of 2020.
Truck routes are further optimized through the organization of night hubs and night transports.

“As a logistics company we are in the pole position to help shape the services of tomorrow. The pressure on our society is increasing and it is necessary that more initiatives are taken from the private sector to adapt current business operations to contemporary needs. In addition, cooperation and dialogue with governments is certainly important, but the mentality and dedication of our employees is also a supporting force of our vision.”, according to Jo Van Moer.