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Since the 20th of March 2017, the MSC PSA European Terminal (MPET) and DP World Antwerp Gateway continiously open their doors from Monday 5.00h until Saterdaymorning 5.30h.
And for the first night Van Moer transported around 30 containers in and out of the terminals.
The total transit time was about 1.10 hours with a minimum of queues.
“Transit time at the terminal was only 25 – 30 minutes, which is an excellent result!” according to COO Steven Pauwels.

Creating higher volumes

A reachstacker is operating at Van Moer’s newest facility to support the night opening of the terminals.
“We need this reachstacker to get the containers of the chassis, so we can immediatly reuse the chassis to pick up other containers, but we still need to reach the needed volume to cover this additional cost.” CCO Dennie Lockefeer.
“The truck arrives at the terminal and is almost immediatletly served. The trucks are in use, the roundabouts are free and there’s no sign of traffic congestion.
This gives a very positive vibe! Now we just need to increase the volumes and give our organisation the time to get used to the new timeslots to make it profitable.”