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It is with great pleasure that we announce our partnership with ArmenTeKort, an association that connects privileged and disadvantaged citizens of Antwerp.

Towards a society without poverty

Poverty is more than just a lack of financial resources. It is often a complex structure that ultimately causes people to lose their self-esteem and live in shame or guilt. It becomes increasingly difficult for them to continue to believe that they can work towards a future.

People living in poverty are often separated from the rest of society. They often have no network of family, friends, colleagues or acquaintances to help them. This makes the situation hopeless. It takes an enormous amount of energy and it is very difficult to bridge this gap on your own.

With one connection. Between two people

ArmenTeKort focuses on buddy work to bridge this gap. Connecting privileged and underprivileged fellow citizens. That is the essence of our work. Through a connection based on trust and equality, both discover hidden strengths and the buddy who is looking for opportunity builds up his or her self-confidence. They become each other's supporters.

After an intensive training, provided by ArmenTeKort, the privileged volunteer is matched with a fellow citizen. This buddy-volunteer is not allowed to help. He/she only connects with an underprivileged fellow citizen without prejudice and on the basis of trust and equality. The latent strengths of the buddy in need are examined and reinforced.

Each buddy project takes two years. During those two years, the buddies see or hear each other almost every week. That is a 100 meetings. Through these frequent contacts, the buddy in need develops, from a strengthened self-esteem, the ability but especially the courage to dream and to trust in a different future.

Info session

Are you interested in becoming a Buddy? Or do you want to know more about how the program works? Then register for one of the many info sessions of ArmenTeKort.

You can find more information via the website (in Dutch) via the button below.

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