Filmpje Sustainability

Consolidation of sustainable projects

Early 2021 the decision was made to bundle the sustainable strategy and a series of sustainability initiatives of the logistics group in one overview. After all, there were several sustainable projects and initiatives on different levels and departments, but they were not yet sufficiently communicated throughout the organisation.

Jo Van Moer: "Van Moer Logistics is essentially already sustainable in its operations for years. We take many sustainable decisions from gut feeling or common sense. However, we lacked a framework to communicate all initiatives to our employees and stakeholders. With this report, we want to provide an answer to the many questions we receive from the market, but also show our employees that we, as a company, can make a difference."

Sustainable strategy

In addition to a series of initiatives, the report also describes the sustainable long-term strategy that the logistics group is following. This is clearly divided into four action areas: 1. intermodal solutions, 2. sustainable and efficient operations, 3. commitment to people and safety, and 4. social responsibility.

Ambitious objectives have been formulated for each action domain, to which concrete actions are linked. These make the strategy tangible on the company floor, day after day. Progress on these objectives is closely monitored by the project team. In order to transparently show the evolution of the projects to the stakeholders, an annual update will be provided.

Sustainable Development Goals

The sustainable strategy of Van Moer Logistics is framed within the international framework of the Sustainable Development Goals . The SDGs on which Van Moer Logistics mainly focuses are: health and welfare (3), quality education (4), gender equality (5), affordable and sustainable energy (7), fair work and economic growth (8), industry, innovation and infrastructure (9), sustainable cities and communities (11), responsible consumption and production (12), climate action (13), living in water (14), peace, justice and strong public services (16) and partnership to achieve goals (17).

Support University of Antwerp

The report was drafted with the help of Hans Verboven (part-time professor of sustainability at the University of Antwerp) and his project team at the consultancy Sustacon. Sustacon supervises the project management and monitoring of the objectives and KPIs.