Eerste paal Zwijndrecht

Yesterday, in the presence of Willy Naessens (Founder, Willy Naessens Industriebouw), Kurt De Bruyn (Business Integration Manager, INEOS Oxide) and Jo Van Moer (CEO, Van Moer Logistics), the symbolic 'first pile' was placed for Van Moer Logistics' new filling plant with accompanying warehouse in Zwijndrecht.


The 7,500 m2 BREEAM certified complex will be fully integrated within the logistics provider's current site and will be put into use for INEOS Oxide, among others.

The modern and fully automated filling lines aim at an annual capacity of 100,000 tonnes, with the purpose of repacking full tank containers into drums or IBC's. The filling plant was developed with the highest safety and environmental standards in mind and will handle hazardous, non-hazardous as well as strong-smelling chemicals.


Zwijndrecht is home to cleaning, heating, filling, repairing and the storage of tank containers, creating a unique one stop shop infrastructure. This eliminates unnecessary transports between different locations.

"Structural work is progressing smoothly and we are expected to be able to commission the first hall in February. The full complex will be operational in April 2023 with commissioning of the filling plant and expansion of storage activities." said Jo Van Moer, CEO, Van Moer Logistics.


At the new filling lines, INEOS products will be packed that find their application in pharmaceuticals, clothing, food, cosmetics, construction, automotive and agriculture. From Zwijndrecht, they will be shipped worldwide.

"This project capitalizes on the strengths of the port of Antwerp: the well-developed expertise of logistics service providers on the one hand, and the entrenched cluster of global players in chemistry and life science on the other. The integration of these strengths allows companies, such as INEOS, to focus on its core tasks and compete with global markets." said Kurt De Bruyn, Business Integration Manager, INEOS Oxide.