Today Van Moer Logistics completed the acquisition of Holtstieger GmbH.
The German transport company Holtstieger, located in the Ruhr area (Nettetal), has 20 trucks, 30 employees and 5.000 m2 storage space.
Holtstieger mainly specialises in the transport of palletised goods in tautliners, and also runs small ADRs.
The company realised a turnover of € 4 million in 2020.

Starting point Germany

With this acquisition the Antwerp-based logistics company is operating in Germany for the first time.
Owner and CEO Jo Van Moer wants to further expand his services to the chemical sector. After all, many chemical companies are located in the Ruhr area.

Jo Van Moer: "It has always been our strategy to follow our customers, today that brings us in Germany, but it is our ambition to serve them from several international locations. The acquisition of Holtstieger is a nice start of our German transport activities, on the long term the intention is to offer the one-stop-shop concept including storage and value-added logistics."

Thanks to the additional location in Germany, Van Moer can also further build on its driver pool, because with the upcoming 'Mobility Package' the company wants to further arm itself against the acute driver shortage in its own country.

Jo Van Moer: "In Belgium, we really run up against the limits of the labour market, of our 500 trucks dozens are stationary every day because we simply cannot find drivers. Now we can build up an additional pool of drivers in Germany. In this way, we want to continue to guarantee our services to our customers and to society. We want to avoid scenes like the one we saw in the United Kingdom at all costs."

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