Founded in 1992 by owner Patrick Anthonissen and specialised in container transport within the port of Antwerp.
Weemaes Transport is a well-know local carrier that concentrates on ADR and paper transports with Joloda trailers.
Counting 15 vehicles, Transant – Weemaes is not a very big company, but certainly is a charming one.

The personnel of Transant – Weemaes will be welcomed next Saturday at the headquarters of Van Moer Logistics.
Jo Van Moer: “Patrick and I were talking for a long time, but last week the transaction took off.”


The synergie lies within the chemicals. There are a variety of interfaces, but the ADR licensed drivers were the most obvious ones.

More than 50% of the Weemaes activities are accounted for tank transport within the port of Antwerp, and Van Moer Logistics is coping with a lack of ADR drivers.
Making Transant Weemaes the perfect addition to the Van Moer Logistics portfolio.