400k M² warehouse
338k Pallet places
1,5 Km covered rail terminal
55k Ton per week throughput

Forest products

Forest products refer to a variety of commodities such as paper reels, paper boards, fluff pulp, nonwoven materials, copy paper, paper sheets on pallets, timber, plywood, etc. Van Moer specialises in the handling and storage of paper products. The container freight station at the Port of Antwerp receives significant volumes both by truck and by rail. The infrastructure guarantees an efficient transhipment. Partners use our services both for import and export through the Port of Antwerp.


Our well-trained staff operates specialised equipment to handle coils, tubes, plates, beams and bundled products, all in different lengths. These steel products represent an important part of the volumes that arrive from various steel mills across Europe.


Van Moer has an SQAS certificate and special licences, making us the only company at the Port of Antwerp that is allowed to store hazardous materials such as bromine and yellow phosphorus. Our hazardous cargo warehouse ‘HAZOP’ is situated just a stone’s throw from the major container terminals on the left bank of the Port of Antwerp. The warehouse covers almost 25,000 m² and consists of several compartments with different specifications.

ISO tank container storage

The industry makes use of ISO Tank containers for the transport of chemicals all over the world. Not only the transport but also the storage of raw materials and finished products has shifted to the tank container business. Van Moer has invested in specially designed basins with clay layers underneath to prevent chemicals from entering the soil in case of an incident. The tank containers are double stacked and a leakage detection system monitors any spill of product in the basin.

Raw materials for hygiene products

We store and handle commodities such as super absorbents, nonwoven materials and any other product that requires special care. Our dedicated warehouses are completely adapted to the industry standards and through our lean approach, we guarantee perfect quality throughout every process.

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