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Our facility within the port of Antwerp is specialised in the storage of loaded and empty tank and bulk containers carrying a variety of hazardous and non-hazardous goods. Each product is stored within the right containment system, in line with the product requirements.

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Heating & Chilling

Offering heating and chilling services for your temperature susceptible goods through steam, water, or electricity, depending on your product requirements. Our advanced heating and chilling equipment guarantees a constant temperature preservation for your goods.

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Repair & Modifications

Are you in need to repair, test, inspect, or modify your equipment? Our in-house experts provide you with all the necessary services concerning your silos and tank and bulk containers. Even the rental of rails and platforms is at your disposal through our repair department.

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Specialising in the cleaning of silos and tank and bulk containers concerning chemical and food commodities. Offering 10 cleaning lanes to provide our partners with a flexible service level, incorporated with a possible drop & swop system to even further improve your logistics.

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Installing liner & Flexi bags

Preparing bulk containers for loading has become an additional part of our one-stop-shop service level. The safe and efficient installation of liner and flexibags has become an area of expertise within our operational department, offering our partners the best possible service.

Supporting Services


Shipping, storage, and distribution of all kinds of cargo not only require unique and specialised skills, but also excellent facilities. Our team takes the time to understand your business and to ensure we offer you the most suitable solutions for you and your cargo.


We provide bespoke customs solutions, both to internal and external customers. We cover import and export declarations, tax representation, transit documents, veterinary and plant health inspections, bonded warehouse management, and consulting/advice.

On-site Logistics

Do you experience logistic challenges within your corporate facilities? Van Moer designs and implements logistic operations on-site, guaranteeing professional and optimised operations to further support your core activities.

ICT & Automation

We are process-driven, meaning our people take centre stage in the business and are on the front line whenever required. We take over to analyse, develop, integrate, and even fully deploy systems to meet your standards. Our ICT gives you access to all the data you need to optimise your business processes.

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