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First & Last mile Transport

Offering a one-stop-shop experience by providing you with the first and last mile transports for your intermodal logistics. Our in-house transport fleet will service your goods and even function as a back-up solution for urgent orders.



Because we operate our own inland vessels, we can provide the best possible solution for your transport needs. Combined with our truck fleet, we assist our partners with a one-stop-shop service for inland waterway transport.

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Port Terminal Operations

Our port terminal ATO, located on the right bank of the port of Antwerp, mainly functions as a consolidation point for port cargo, offering transshipment logistics for ships, trucks, and trains while managing a container depot and other value-added services.


Inland Terminal Operations

Within our intermodal ambition, we deploy seven inland terminals to service our partners with their logistical challenges. As we're located in Antwerp, Hoboken, Grobbendonk, Grimbergen, Brussels, Bornem, and Wilsele, we offer a variety of possibilities to perform inland logistics.

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Empty Depot

We deploy close partnerships and agreements with global carriers, establishing empty depot services at our terminals. This way we can give our customers an additional service level in terms of flexibility and transport optimisation.

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Extended Gate

Containers can be transported between the deepsea terminals and our inland terminals without the need for customs transit documentation. Containers will be loaded onto the inland barges right after being discharged from the deepsea vessel.

Supporting Services


Shipping, storage, and distribution of all kinds of cargo not only require unique and specialised skills, but also excellent facilities. Our team takes the time to understand your business and to ensure we offer you the most suitable solutions for you and your cargo.


We provide bespoke customs solutions, both to internal and external customers. We cover import and export declarations, tax representation, transit documents, veterinary and plant health inspections, bonded warehouse management, and consulting/advice.

On-site Logistics

Do you experience logistic challenges within your corporate facilities? Van Moer designs and implements logistic operations on-site, guaranteeing professional and optimised operations to further support your core activities.

ICT & Automation

We are process-driven, meaning our people take centre stage in the business and are on the front line whenever required. We take over to analyse, develop, integrate, and even fully deploy systems to meet your standards. Our ICT gives you access to all the data you need to optimise your business processes.

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