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Trailer Transport

Conventional transport via tautliners providing services for all palletised goods. Our experienced drivers service the Benelux and surrounding countries. Our fleet can also be used for local drop & swop integration on your premises to further optimise loading and discharging activities.

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Container and Reefer Transport

Located within the port of Antwerp, our fleet specialises in the transport of dry containers and reefers, providing a vital link between all warehousing facilities within the port. Offering great flexibility and capacity for container collecting services.


Construction Material Transport

Our dedicated construction fleet focuses on the handling and transport of construction materials like concrete elements, roof materials, and all kinds of bricks. Our trailers are equipped with mobile cranes, offering the possibility to unload goods at construction zones.

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Exceptional Transport

Overcoming even the biggest and heaviest of cargo, that’s the ultimate goal of our exceptional fleet. Our drivers have all the tools to make this possible. Equipped with a variety of crane trucks and flatbeds they are determined to get the job done.

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Retail Transport

Servicing retail partners on a 24/7 basis, offering custom transport solutions for FTL retail distribution with the possibility to use customer-owned trailers. Our dedicated fleet provides a qualitative and reliable service, day and night.

Supporting Services


Shipping, storage, and distribution of all kinds of cargo not only require unique and specialised skills, but also excellent facilities. Our team takes the time to understand your business and to ensure we offer you the most suitable solutions for you and your cargo.


We provide bespoke customs solutions, both to internal and external customers. We cover import and export declarations, tax representation, transit documents, veterinary and plant health inspections, bonded warehouse management, and consulting/advice.

On-site Logistics

Do you experience logistic challenges within your corporate facilities? Van Moer designs and implements logistic operations on-site, guaranteeing professional and optimised operations to further support your core activities.

ICT & Automation

We are process-driven, meaning our people take centre stage in the business and are on the front line whenever required. We take over to analyse, develop, integrate, and even fully deploy systems to meet your standards. Our ICT gives you access to all the data you need to optimise your business processes.

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