“Dennie was very appreciated in the port community and in particular in the world of inland shipping for his insights and expertise,” argues Jo Van Moer in his call. “For example, Dennie often collaborated with the Port of Antwerp, the Flemish Government, University of Antwerp and so many other institutions. He was often consulted by academics and was frequently asked to share his knowledge with students and professors. It was therefore Professor Christa Sys from the University of Antwerp who launched a call to establish a chair for fundamental research on intermodal transport in memory of Dennie at the University of Antwerp. “

“The chair can be used for research (for example, to support the inland shipping sector, innovative inland shipping concepts), education (for example, to award a biennial award for best thesis / doctorate) and services (for example, for a colloquium, to organize a series of lectures) “That is how Dennie rightly lives on and is given the honour to which he is entitled. Something that he, and certainly his wife Bernadette, his three princesses Kyra, Naomi and Eline, will be immensely proud of.“In order to be able to effectively start the chair, additional funding is needed in addition to the evident contribution of Van Moer Logistics. Through fundraising, supported by the University of Antwerp, Jo Van Moer and his fellow board members have already received confirmation from several companies and organizations that they will make a financial contribution. Within the collaboration with the University of Antwerp, three sponsor packages have been worked out, each involving a three-year commitment.


There is a “gold” package of 10,000 euros / year for three years, a “silver” package of 5,000 euros / year for three years and a “bronze” package for 1,000 euros / year for three years. The return for the formulas consists of logo entry, invitations to the launch and closing event, attendance at interim events and so on. The ‘golden’ sponsor also receives exclusive involvement as a member of the steering committee of the Dennie Lockefeer chair chaired by Prof. Dr. Christa Sys.


Anyone who does not agree with these formulas for whatever reason, or who finds engagement over several years difficult, can make a free gift. The formalities surrounding the sponsorship are arranged by the University Fund Antwerp. Those who want to register or want more information, can first go to HR director Yves Hebb yves@vanmoer.com