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The logistics service provider Van Moer Logistics already offers minor repairs to tank container coatings in its HÜNI+CO-certified depot in the port of Antwerp. Starting this summer, the two companies will also offer more comprehensive services, including complete interior coatings, as part of an exclusive partnership. Until now, this was only possible at HÜNI+CO's location in Friedrichshafen in the south of Germany. Advantage for customers: Shorter distances and faster turnaround times, which reduces time and costs and also protects the environment.

HÜNI+CO, a specialist in highly functional corrosion protection, anti-stick and anti-friction coatings from Friedrichshafen on Lake Constance, and the logistics service provider Van Moer Logistics, headquartered in Antwerp, have agreed on an exclusive partnership. The aim is to expand the range of services offered in the certified workshop depot on the Van Moer premises in the port of Antwerp, which was previously only designed for minor repairs to tank container coatings.

From summer 2023, the two companies will offer more comprehensive services, including the complete interior coating of tank containers. "Until now, this was only possible at our location far down in the south of Germany," says Alexa Hüni, Managing Director of HÜNI+CO, explaining the strategic move. "With this cooperation, we are taking a big step forward. In future, our customers will also be able to have their tank containers serviced, repaired or recoated in the Van Moer workshops in Antwerp."

Shorter distances, lower costs, fewer CO2 emissions

With its strategic location, the port of Antwerp is the central hub for the European (petro)chemical industry, and the workshops of Van Moer Logistics are right in the middle of it. "We have been working successfully with HÜNI+CO for years," explains Jo Van Moer, founder and CEO of the logistics service provider. "We are very pleased to be able to offer our customers further and more comprehensive services with this new cooperation." Tank container operators and leasing companies based in the Antwerp region in particular will benefit from the proximity to the workshop: From short transport routes, lead times, downtimes and significantly lower (transport) costs. In addition, CO2 emissions are reduced, which is good for the environment.

Investment in know-how and infrastructure

For every enquiry and every order, HÜNI+CO takes over the qualified preliminary tests as before, i.e. compares the specific customer requirements and the technical prerequisites of tank containers and coatings. The specialists from southern Germany also prepare the quotations and take over the warranty.

The Van Moer Logistics teams, which are comprehensively and continuously qualified by HÜNI+CO, will initially only process ChemLINE 784 in their workshops, a function-specific corrosion protection coating that has been used for many years to protect tank container structures against a wide range of hazardous materials. In a later phase, the service portfolio will be expanded to include other coatings from the HÜNI+CO range.