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Back in 2004, Van Moer Logistics started cleaning tank containers and bulk trailers in Melsele. But it was only in 2008, when the head office in Zwijndrecht opened, that we expanded the services for bulk and tank logistics. Since then, Van Moer Logistics has been operating its own cleaning, heating, repair, and storage department.


In 2021, we are planning major projects to expand our service and thus implement additional quality improvements. We will invest a total of 2.8 million euros in the Seveso site in Zwijndrecht. All these works will be completed and operational by the Summer of 2021.


The cleaning plant will be renovated and expanded, resulting in improved capacity for five chemical, one food, and two bulk lines. Additionally, we will install a circulation unit for cleaning (synthetic) resins and latex.

Thanks to the new scrubbers, it will be possible to clean other product groups such as meth, acrylates, aliphatic & aromatic esters, aldehydes, aromatics, alkenes, halogenated hydrocarbon, and inorganic substances.


The heating will obtain additional connections through a capacity increase of an extra 40 fixed positions. And we will implement additional fall protection to allow for safe sample collection. Up to now, the tanks were heated by hot water, steam, or electricity. But this will soon be supplemented by high-pressure steam (up to 7 bar at 160°C).

The heating of ADR and NON-ADR products in drums, IBC containers, or other packaging has also recently become possible with the development of an on-site hot box installation.

Repair & Storage

The workshop for container repairs is being expanded further to guarantee extra capacity. We are also increasing our storage capacity to a total of 5,750 tanks (full & empty).

One-stop shop

The bulk & tank container logistics department offers a comprehensive range of services for the industry under one roof. Transport, of course, being one of them. The specialised fleet for bulk and tank containers already comprises 70 vehicles, with 15 additional vehicles now joining the fleet.


The logistics group has also invested in a new drumming installation. This installation repackages the contents of tank containers into IBC containers and drums. But with the new set-up, the opposite direction is possible as well.


Thanks to these investments, the terminal’s capacity will expand significantly, which will of course result in additional jobs. Depending on the volumes, about 30 jobs will be created in Zwijndrecht, both for transport and depot activities.

Chemicals sector

With these investments, the group primarily wants to respond to the needs of the chemicals sector. This is not illogical for the Zwijndrecht terminal, located in the backyard of the Antwerp chemical cluster.

“The demand from the chemicals sector is increasing, especially in the field of value-added logistics,” says Jo Van Moer. “More and more players are outsourcing their logistics activities to specialised service providers. This way, the manufacturer can focus on its production processes. Thanks to the outsourcing, we relieve our partners of their logistics challenges while seeking alternatives to organise their logistics processes more efficiently and sustainably.”