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The cooperation between Van Moer Logistics and Delhaize dates back to 2011, when the Antwerp logistics service provider took over the transporter Wambacq-Peeters at Zellik.
At the time, 86 trucks and 125 drivers were made available to the supermarket chain.
This is already the third contract between Van Moer Logistics and Delhaize, with the latest version being extended by another 5 years.
It illustrates the strong partnership that Van Moer Logistics and Delhaize share with each other, a partnership based on mutual trust and flexibility.

“We are happy that we can continue the strong partnership with Van Moer Logistics. Logistics is crucial for a retailer to get the fresh products to our 800 stores on time.
Thanks to a strong partner like Van Moer, we succeed in this. If we also see that Van Moer, together with Delhaize, is taking the necessary steps to make transport more sustainable, this confirms the confidence that we have in Van Moer ”, says Dieter De Waegeneer, executive vice president of operations at Delhaize.

Driver guidance and safety

Today the logistics group provides an average of 95 trucks and 135 drivers, they work 24/7 for Delhaize .
The drivers pick up the Delhaize trailers from the distribution centers in Zellik and Ninove and export them to the various Delhaize branches in Belgium and Luxembourg.

“Such a large group of drivers who function for the same customer requires good follow-up and guidance. Our drivers must also apply different specific instructions per branch to be able to unload and load correctly and safely on site, because the return freight is also processed by our drivers.” Says Wim Willocx, Operations manager of the distribution fleet.

In order to get and keep all noses in the same direction, intensive and personal follow-up is provided for every driver.
The drivers are monitored for safe working, driving speed, idling, consumption and many other aspects.
Every month they receive a personal driving style report and the results are discussed individually with the coordinators who adjust the drivers where necessary.

Sustainable transport

The goal of both Delhaize and Van Moer Logistics is to carry out the joint transport activities as sustainably as possible.
On one hand the drivers are guided to drive as ecologically as possible, on the other hand adjustments are also made to the truck fleet.
This month the first 20 LNG trucks will be put into operation within the Van Moer Logistics distribution fleet.
With the expansion of the number of LNG filling stations in Belgium, it is now more interesting to opt for LNG.

“We chose Volvo Trucks on LNG because we received very good feedback from our drivers.
They were impressed by the performance of the truck, and I was convinced by the consumption figures and the lower CO2 emissions, “says Jo Van Moer.

The LNG trucks were extensively tested last year by Van Moer Logistics’ own drivers. The drivers themselves were also very pleased with the LNG trucks.
The driving comfort is just as high and the engine is just as powerful as a traditional diesel truck.
The trucks will drive an average of 350 to 400 km per day, good for around 100,000 km per year.
With the LNG trucks, CO2 emissions will certainly drop by 20%. The trucks will mainly refuel at the LNG gas station in Ninove, close to the distribution center.
Naturally, the drivers also receive extensive training to operate Delhaize branches in a safe and correct way with their LNG trucks.