Van Moer Logistics and Lidl 2

Sustainable partnership

As part of our long-term vision, we are expanding the retail distribution fleet with, on the one hand, a more sustainable fleet (earlier this year we introduced 20 LNG trucks) and, on the other hand, with sustainable partnerships. We are therefore very proud to announce that we have started a new partnership with supermarket chain Lidl since October. Van Moer Logistics remains fully committed to retail distribution. The distribution department of Van Moer Logistics currently counts about 110 trucks and the logistics group has a total of 430 trucks distributed among 5 operational departments.

Social responsibility of the retail sector

If we learned anything about the covid-19 pandemic, it is the social impact that the structure and organization of our retail sector has on the country. It is therefore important that this essential sector continues to focus on quality and affordable products, but also further invests in the flexibility and continuity of its logistical chain. And that is exactly what we strive for together with Lidl, a reliable partnership where quality and flexibility prevails.


The cooperation starts with a few truck combinations during the first week of October, where Van Moer Logistics invests in new Bi Temp trailers that are fully personalized with the Lidl branding. The drivers will serve the surrounding Lidl stores from the distribution center in Sint-Niklaas. In this phase, the drivers will have the opportunity to get to know the Lidl procedures and branches in a structural way, after which the partnership with Lidl will be steadily expanded.

Jo Van Moer: "I was very impressed by the enthusiasm and professionalism at Lidl, the company exudes an amiable atmosphere and focuses on young and talented people. Their vision on sustainable entrepreneurship is also very impressive. So we are very honored to be able to realize this partnership together with them"

Van Moer Logistics and Lidl