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After the takeover of KVG-trans back in 2018 we acquired 70 additional trucks specialized in the transport of ADR tank containers.

Today we are very pleased to announce that KVG-trans and the Van Moer Transport bulk department will merge into a new operational department: Van Moer Bulk & Liquids. Since the KVG fleet is specialized in the transport of tank containers, this new operational form will ensure even more efficient cooperation between the transport planning and the depot in Zwijndrecht.

Practically, this mainly means that;

  • The operations of KVG and the bulk department of Van Moer Transport are brought together under 1 operational unit
  • Our colleagues from KVG-trans have moved from Breendonk to the HQ in Zwijndrecht
  • The KVG-trans brand name disappears and is included in the Van Moer Logistics branding

Looking forward to start some new projects in this new format!