I Barge 138

With a lenght of 54 meters and a width of 7 meters it can carry 24 TEU, the Greenford has reached the maximum dimensions for class 2 rivers.
The ship needed some adjustments because the locks were too narrow, so it was not an easy task to make the barge operational.


With it’s modern engine compared with a catalyst that reduces the CO2 emissions significantly, the Greenford honours it’s name.
We favour the modal shift and we believe that optimizing the smaller waterways is also an important aspect of the process.
However, the need for updating the infrastructure is present, the operating time for locks for example.
We are also participating in the European project Novimar concerning platooning barges, investing time and knowledge in future projects.

Greenford is the fourth barge within the iBarge fleet, and the fifth one is hitting the water soon.