Van Moer Logistics inland terminal Vilvoorde

After a pilot project, the operations were optimized in cooperation with all parties involved, which results in a new partnership.
The waste is transported by barge from the container terminal at Vilvoorde, Brussels to the waste recycling plant of Indaver at Doel, Antwerp.
Special open-top containers were designed to increase the optimization of the logistic flows.


According the agreement, 60.000 tonnes of waste would be transported over water.
Which is an equivalent of about 2.400 single trips with trucks that would no longer be used on the road, creating a positive vibe for the ever present congestion issue.

6 -12 containers of the intercommunal Haviland are transported on a regular base, where they are processed in the incinerator of Indaver at Doel.
The heat that is released by this process is used to generate electrical power for the surrounding facilities.
The waste of the intercommunual Ecowerf will be transported over water starting November.