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Five years ago, Van Moer took over Wambacq-Peeters, the transport division of Delhaize.
Which was the first step into retail distribution for Van Moer where they first only performed port and industrial transports.

The contract with Delhaize was renewed this year for another three years and operated from the facility in Zellik, Brussels.
The 38 new trucks will be used to partially replace and join the current distribution fleet. This brings the total over more than 100 trucks (former 86).

The new trucks are type TGX 18.420 EfficientLine 3. A few years ago Van Moer already bought trucks with type TGX 18.400 BLS with low cabins.
These trucks have a double tank and a slightly higher engine performance (420 instead of 400 horsepower) and they use 6.35% less fuel than the EfficientLine 2.

“The fuel-usage is tracked by MAN telematics” says Wim Willocx, Business Unit Manager of Van Moer Logistics Zellik.
the tracking system collects information from each driver and each truck and transmits the information once a week to the Business Unit Manager.
This way the drivers can see on which point they need to adjust their driving behaviour to be more ecologic, and this even motivates them.
“Some drivers call me on Sunday, wondering if I have the reports already. it’s a stimulant to gain better results.
The system also takes the weight of the vehicle and the kind of drive into account. This way we can compare the work with the results of the past weeks.”