10 Cleaning lanes
400 ISO tank ground slots
29 Ship-to-shore cranes
27 IT developers


We repack both non-hazardous and hazardous granulates, crystalline and powders from big bags into smaller bags or into another big bag. Our semi-automatic installation can process orders ranging from 1 to even 500 tonnes or more.

Tank Cleaning

Van Moer Cleaning & Repair has 10 lanes where we clean tank and bulk trucks and containers for third parties.

Container repair

In our workshops, bulk and tank containers are checked, repaired and periodically inspected.

ISO tank heating

Van Moer can steam heat up to 27 ISO tanks, 24/7. All processes are monitored and PLC-steered. We have 5 stations available for heating ISO tanks with hot water. These are used for sensitive chemicals that require a slower heating procedure.

ICT & automation

Our ICT department no longer focuses on hardware and servers that need to be maintained on daily basis. We are process-driven, meaning our people take centre stage in the business and are on the front line whenever required. We take over to analyse, develop, integrate and even fully deploy systems to meet your standards. Our ICT is entirely up-to-date, giving you access to all the data you need in order to optimise your business processes.

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